Competitive Youth Soccer

KSA offers an academy program at three locations: Rock Springs Park (Collins Hill), Harmony Grove, and Jimmy Carter.


Due to the nature of the competition, our professional coaches train the players twice per week. The day and time of practice depend on the location.

If you sign up for Rock Springs, your practice will be at Rock Springs Park, however, games will take place within 15 - 20 miles of the park.
The same goes for all the other locations.

Families enrolling in the academy program must be ready to support their players and team's success. We encourage our academy players to attend every practice and game in order to develop at the pace that is best to reach their goals of an academy player.

The commitment for our Academy program is One full year (Fall and Spring). Every program has a payment plan that allows parents to pay a monthly fee. With our training approach, you will find that we provide more value for the cost of our program.

Players can purchase practice gears ahead of the season by going to our store.

*ball, shoes, and shinguards can be purchased at other external stores or you can support our charity by purchasing on amazon.