Given that the MLS-Next, is a year-long commitment for players joining after initial tryout, please read below for important information below regarding your financial obligations to the club.

Registration fees cover all the following: Field rental for City and County-owned complexes, MLS NEXT registration and insurance fees, referee fees, coach salaries and education, administration costs, and selected extra optional training sessions offered during the regular season (varies by location and program).

They do not cover: Tournament or special event (such as regional league showcase) expenses (both registration and coach expenses), team travel expenses, coach travel expenses for league games in excess of 50 miles from the team's home venue, uniform, ball, shinguards, players soccer bag, other required apparels or discretionary indoor field rental. We require that players do have all KSA apparel to look uniform and part of their teams.

Additional information regarding MLS-Next Fees:

Payment Schedule:

Kalonji Soccer Academy (KSA) fees can be paid in full or in a series of installments. Payment(s) can be made by cash, credit card (with a 3.4% third-party processing fee like teamsnap). Payment plan options will include up to seven credit card transactions beginning with an amount equal to 1/4 of the fees payable at registration to secure your child's placement on a team, followed by further 1/8 of the total payments at a monthly interval until payment is complete.

In keeping with the majority of youth soccer organizations, our policy is no refunds of membership/registration fees paid, either in part or in whole, except in considering the situation where a player experiences a long-term injury.

Payment Default:

Any unpaid dues represent funds not available to meet annual Club expenses such as equipment repair and replacement, city-and-county field rental, governing body registration and insurance fees, referee fees, etc. Any player account that is delinquent by 1 month or more will be notified by the Club, and suspended from participating in any club/team activity. A late fee or a returned check fee of $25 will also be added to the installments. If you are having significant challenges with staying up-to-date with registration fees, please contact our administration staff. In limited instances, adjustments to your payment schedule may be possible, though cannot be guaranteed.

Financial Aid:

In partnership with Atlanta Youth Soccer Foundation (AYSF), KSA offers limited financial aid to qualifying youth athletes. AYSF maintains confidentiality while assisting players with registration fees and some coaching fees. It does not cover the cost of uniforms, travel expenses and tournament fees. Request for financial aid will be based on a first-come, first-served basis and available funds are limited each year. Families receiving financial aid may be required to volunteer additional hours to KSA. 

Factors such as family income (determined by documentation such as tax return information), family assets, including vehicles and property, and the number of years a family has been requesting financial aid will be factored into the process of calculating the amount of financial aid to be provided.

Other Information:

KSA adheres to an approach for training players to develop professional habits. Some of which require that players maintain a uniform and standard look as all other players in their team.

Players playing in the MLS NEXT program must adhere to the following:

Practice gears: KSA training shirts, shorts, shinguards, and sock sleeves; worn all the time.

Practice equipment: Ball; players must bring their ball at every practice

Game day: KSA training shirt, khaki shorts or pants, socks, closed-toe shoes, and KSA bag with their game uniforms; worn to arrive at the field. Players will change into their game gears before the warm-up. We also have a game arrival/travel policy.

Game day uniform: players must always have all of their game uniforms (both home and away colors), ball, shinguards, sock sleeves, shoes, and cleats in the KSA bag.

Players will not be allowed to participate in practice or games without all of their gear. In the event that a player forgets part of his/her gears, he/she will be required to purchase one at the concession (during practice) or at a nearby store (during games)

Games and practices are subject to the effects of weather and other factors outside of the control of the club and cannot be guaranteed.

MLS NEXT travel, tournament and out-of-state regular season, and coaches travel expenses will be shared among all the players, even if a player is unavailable or unable to participate in a particular game or tournament event.

Roster and player movement within the club

MLS NEXT is a competitive environment. Efforts are made to attract good soccer players during tryouts and throughout the year, so rosters are subject to change.

For adequate player development, some players may be invited to play in higher age group and other leagues. If this were to happen, parents will be informed and consent to such movement of their player. Moving the player for training purpose does not guarantee playing time in the team where the player has been invited to play. When a player is invited to play up, the priority for playing games will be given to his/her enrolled team.