A Full Service Soccer Organization

Instilling confidence through discipline, health, and education

Kalonji Soccer Academy is all about the kids, and our programs instill confidence through increased discipline, health, and education.

While most soccer clubs are designed to help children build soccer skills, get them off the street, and provide children with something to do, we at Kalonji Soccer believe we have a much higher calling.

We want to instill in the next generation of soccer players the notion that if they set their minds, believe in themselves, and work hard, they can achieve their dreams.

In addition to building soccer skills, shaping our children’s health, and guiding them through their scholastic aspirations, we create a social environment for both parents and their children that promotes increased confidence through acquired values and principles and mentorship.


Our Philosophy is Simple

We Focus on the Principles of Soccer.

We believe that talent alone is not always enough to achieve the highest level of potential.

We believe that a higher level of success is not predetermined by circumstances or wealth, but instead, we believe that with hard work, determination, perseverance, and discipline, one can reach their highest potential.

We focus on instilling values and principle that promote discipline and teaches hard work.

We are committed. We do not limit our goal to only winning championships and developing athletes. Because we are an academy, we use principles of soccer to teach skills that better prepare our athletes for their journey through life.