KSA Pro-profile is our elite program for dedicated, committed, loyal and hard-working players. We created this program to allow our members to compete at the highest level in the country. And with MLS NEXT as our league, we are able to give players the opportunity to show off their hard work by playing games against the top teams in our country.

The competition level of the MLS NEXT league is not for everyone. We understand it and are willing to help our families create a pathway to getting their skills to this level of play. This process requires dedication, patience, hard work, and parental support.

Our MLS NEXT training develops professional athletes. It is designed to prepare the player mentally, physically, emotionally, and behaviorally to play for a professional team in a professional environment with the pressure of a professional athlete.

In partnership with TRACEUP, KSA is able to instantly provide analysis and record of players' skills development.

Are you ready to take your skills to the NEXT level?

Our MLS NEXT team trains 4x per week. Monday through Thursday.

  • U13 - U16's training starts at 6:00 PM
  • U17 - U19's training starts at 8:00 PM

Training occurs at two locations:

Monday | Wednesday: Harmony Grove
Tuesday | Thursday: Rock Springs park

Games are played on the weekend. Since this league is a traveling league, we expect parents to start fundraising as soon as possible. KSA has a strict policy on traveling. We require that all of our teams travel together.

Players who are enrolled in the MLS NEXT CAN NOT play High School or any other sanctioned games without the approval of the MLS NEXT Officials.