Your Dream. Your Chance.

We provide the path and opportunity for your journey.

It's about the Journey

Our development process is a journey--not a destination.  Every player's journey is unique.  Whether you are an up-and-coming prospect or a player seeking a fresh start, you will meet your match at KSA.  You provide the hard work, commitment, and positive attitude, and we'll put you on a path to success.

It Begins Here

We focus on monitoring progress for each individual player.  At KSA, you are not just a number on a team.  You are very important to the process of our club development.

It's Game Time

Our unique strategy develops players during practices and games.  We treat every game, every practice, and every scrimmage like a championship game to achieve maximum potential.

It Leads Here

We build players that can have success at the college and professional level.  KSA develops quality individuals with strong futures in soccer and in life.

The Meaning in the Making: the Why of KSA.

You gotta beat the best to be the best

Our club does just that.  We begin with the end in mind by asking parents and players about the player's goal. We believe to achieve goals, the family and the player must verbalize, visualize, and make a commitment to the goal. Together, we design the path, and we get to work. KSA is dedicated to providing the method, the approach, and the design for a player’s developmental path leading to successful outcomes. We continually assess the player to uncover gaps in physical, mental, emotional skills, and then we provide the plan for the player to overcome and reach their maximum potential.

Life of a Baller

KSA in the spotlight

Kleats, a media company focused on showcasing all things soccer from an American standpoint features Kalonji Soccer Academy (KSA) in its documentary of a Life of a Baller.

In this series, Kleats has documented six episodes where the adult Pro-Profile team is in the spotlight, and they share their perspective on what it takes to prepare for the professional soccer life.

Join us in watching and subscribing to Kleats to understand what players in America are doing to break in or train to compete professionally.

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