Rock Springs Park

Rock Springs Park is home to Collins Hill Soccer Academy. In partnership with Collins Hill Soccer, our board volunteers to serve the community around Rock Springs Park and elevate their soccer skills.

Rock Springs Park is a Gwinnett County park that is used by and for Gwinnett county residents who choose this venue to participate and play in sports.

For members who participate in traveling teams, parents must be prepared to train and play games at this location or any other that KSA has designated as a home field.

We offer three programs at this location: Recreational, Academy, and our Pro-profile program.



For players of ages 4 - 14, our recreational program is a great place to fall in love with soccer.

Trained by volunteer parents, the program gives players the comfort of starting in a new program without the stress of having to perform and play against the best players.

Recreational soccer trains once per week and have games on the weekends. Games will be intermural, where teams will play each other within our club.

2022 - 2023 is a rebuilding year for our recreational program. We are recruiting Coaches. Free registration fee for one of the coach's children.


For players of ages 7 - 11, our recreational program is the best program in GA for players and families committed to Soccer as a sport. This program is developmental and competitive.

Trained by professional coaches, our training in the academy program is rigorous.

Academy trains twice per week and has games on the weekends. Games will be played home and away, which means that parents must expect to drive to clubs within 30 miles of our training ground.

Parents in the academy must volunteer to help the teams succeed.


The select program at Collins Hill Soccer trains players who are dedicated and looking to further develop their skills to have an opportunity to play in high school and follow the collegiate path.

The select program is for players of ages 11 - 18 and is trained by our professional coaches and gives an opportunity to players to continue to advance their skills in soccer.

Select train twice per week with games on the weekends. This program includes some out-of-state traveling.

Parents must volunteer to ensure the success of our teams