Congratulations to our own KSA Pro-Profile player Kofi Twumasi for signing with FC Viitorul; a top 1st Division team in Romania.

Furthermore; FC Viitorul is a Professional Club/Academy run by Gheorghe Hagi, who was a Romania First Division Champion in 2017. We are thrilled for Kofi’s professional debut and it is a well-deserved accomplishment. This past summer Kofi participated in tryouts at the Hagi Academy/FC Viitorul where he started on the 2nd team and earned his spot on the 1st team. His first game was against CFR Cluj, in this game he played the last 20 minutes and helped FC Viitorul reach a 1-0 win. Kofi’s second game, in which he played the whole game, was for the Romanian cup against FC Scolar Resita and Kofi and his team won 4-2.

Kofi is a prime example of a committed KSA player who understood the process of becoming a professional soccer player and he followed that process and the necessary steps in order to achieve his goals and dreams. Kofi has always been a leader at KSA, humble, self-disciplined, and hard-working. Kofi never missed training and was patient and disciplined through the process of developing into a soccer player that can now compete at the highest level in Romania. We are very excited for Kofi and the direction of KSA as more and more KSA players are entering the ranks of professional soccer players. We eagerly look forward to following and supporting Kofi throughout his soccer career in Europe

Congrats Kofi!