Kleats, a media company focused on showcasing all things soccer from an American Standpoint is featuring Kalonji Soccer Academy (KSA) in its documentary of a Life of a Baller.

In this series, Kleats has documented 5 episodes (and more to come) where the Adult Pro-Profile team is being followed and they share their perspective on what it takes to prepare for the professional soccer life.

Join us in watching and subscribing to Kleats to understand what players in America are doing to break in or train to compete professionally.

Life of A Baller (KSA)

Episode 1: Key principle to success in professional soccer. Tough love, non-nonsense, and inspiration that pushes players.

Episode 2: Visualization techniques bring success. But no fruits are produced without efforts.

Episode 3: Commitment drives success in a competitive environment.

Episode 4: More important than winning is the player’s attitude, sportsmanship during the game, and emotional stability.

Episode 5: Passion needs to be controlled and channeled to produce a disciplined approach to professionalism.

Episode 6: You never know who is watching you play. Always bring your A-game and shoot for the stars.