Summer Morning Trainings

We recommend that any athlete that wants to improve their chances of playing in high-level soccer in the Fall, follows a disciplined regimen of two trainings per day for 2 to three months. The summer is the best time to implement two-a-day training routine; hence, we organize small groups training to get players started with their discipline and their training. 

Our summer training run in the morning (9 - 11 am) and Evening (6:30 - 9 pm).

During training, we focus on the following

  • Improving current soccer technical abilities (Shooting, passing, trapping, juggling, ...)
  • Improving fitness (speed, agility, endurance)
  • Improving physical ability (weight training)
  • Learning new skills

Morning training runs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. While Evening training runs Monday through Friday (as a camp).

Our training is intense and is geared toward players who are committed to playing soccer at a higher level.